What defines art? Is it the beauty? Or perhaps the emotion? Maybe the meaning behind it all? Is it the love and effort that goes into making art?

Recently, this has all been up for debate as AI art gains traction.

There “artists” simply type in a prompt and out comes an image. There is no effort or little to none. Often AI use or get their information from images scatted across the web, from photography, to someone’s art they uploaded on twitter three years ago. So, more often than not, it steals peoples’ works and these “artists” then claim it as their own.

What do you define as art? Would you say AI art is art?

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December 3, 2022 4:25 pm

Dear Jimmy,

I am unequivocally befuddled to the core with your post, “Is AI art, art?” because it does give me the interesting thought of whether this is right or not because I do like looking at nice art and if it comes from AI then it doesn’t really matter. But I was not aware that people would use it to then plaster their name on the piece. At the same time the way I see it is that they put credit to say, wow look at this cool art that I got through this… So I don’t think they are necessarily saying they made it with great effort.

An interesting sentence was,”It steals peoples’ works and these “artists” then claim it as their own.” like stated it gets it from the millions of art pieces found on the internet, so if it were to take something blatant, it would be quite a small part.” Maybe like taking inspiration, since with there being so much art and different ways people make it, nothing is truly original.

Either way thanks for the writing. I look forward to more since the topics chosen are different than what most are writing about and definitely more interesting such as this one.


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