Is a smartphone affecting us? by Fatima

September 28, 2020


Is a smartphone affecting us?

Young people are mostly the ones who are more into smartphones and technology. It is not completely true that smartphones are a bad thing, they have many advantages which help people in life making a lot of things easier. You are able to meet new people from around the world and it makes it easier to talk to your friends even if they are far from you, you can still get a hold of them. Smartphones might be something that helps us way more than anything but leaving us with less knowledge about the world and the different things that we can learn about.Depending on how we use smartphones is the way that will have an effect on us. It could make us smarter or not. Years before smartphones or before we knew a lot about technology everyone knew more than now about how to manage things in life or simple things that we have no idea how to do at the moment because we found technology that helps to make things easier.

 Things like this make a big impact on what we are used to with technology. Thinking about it before technology things were considered easier even though it took more time to do things. Taking this into consideration in the past where there were no smartphone kids had a better childhood, they would not worry about the likes they get in their pictures. In the past enjoying the moment was the most important, it did not matter if you did not have a phone with a picture about the moment but you had the opportunity of enjoying and making the moment memorable with no need for a photo. Smartphones have not only impacted us in a negative way but also they helped in the process of contacting family who maybe moved away or that live far and keeping the moment in pictures. So considering this each person has the opportunity to decide whether smartphones will affect them or not and also the way they use the technology to their advantage.