Is A Positive Attitude REALLY Important To An Athlete’s Performance? by Andrea

September 15, 2021


Is A Positive Attitude REALLY Important To An Athlete’s Performance?

Emotion can affect the cognitive function, energy level, and physical performance of an athlete. If an athlete is in a state of frustration, it is best for them to try to shift themselves into a happier mood, rather than dwelling on what made them frustrated. There are many things they can do to lift their spirits like listening to music or just taking a minute to breathe. 

Taking a time out isn’t a bad thing. Negativity doesn’t always come from the athlete, it can come from outside sources like the things/people that surround them. People allow small things like the news to overtake mental and emotional states of mind. While it is important to stay updated on the world, whether it be troubling or not, it is equally important to find a balance and keep a positive state of mind. 

Now, this might sound a little weird, but ongoing research in sports psychology has proven that practicing positive self-talk can improve an athlete’s performance. Psychologists believe that these thoughts can create and ultimately drive their actions. This can be in the form of a positive mantra (like a phrase or sentence). Positive self-talk can help reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence in an athlete. 

A positive attitude is important for an athlete’s performance when it comes to their cognitive function, energy level, and physical abilities. When an athlete is down, they should do anything they can to improve their mood/ self-esteem for optimal performance. Serious athletes devote most of their time to the physical aspects of their sports and while this is important, an athlete’s attitude is just as important.