The benefits of having a law degree are vast. First, your job will never be taken over by a computer. There is a high earning potential. Going to law school means growing skills in study habits, communication, reading, writing, and speaking publicly. 

I personally believe that a law degree would be very useful especially for someone who wants a meaningful job and to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

A lawyer will always have to be human because they have to present a side, argue it, and get to know their clients on a personal level. They have to get to know eye witnesses, examine tons of evidence and persuade the jury. In order to be a good lawyer, you have to appeal to many humans to get your point across.

In learning how to appeal to others and argue a side with evidence and key witnesses, students of law and lawyers learn critical communication skills. Getting into law school and the study itself is no easy feat. Embracing the habits used whilst studying law means upping your study skills, gaining knowledge on reading, writing, and speaking publicly.

A highly appealing aspect of becoming a lawyer is the salary range. In beginning of December 2022, the US median salary of lawyers was $127,990 with a high of over $208,000. There is plenty of potential to make a more lucrative profit by owning your own practice, which many lawyers do. Although the money is attractive, lawyers typically work around 40 hours a week.

As stated in Forbes, a law degree can open your career pathway to many different options in a legal or judiciary role. The time commitment, effort, funding, and challenge of going through law school is definitely something to consider, but will open a career of your dreams.,The%20Benefits%20of%20Attending%20Law%20School,critical%20thinking%20and%20communication%20skills

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