My name is Alexis Asencio. I’m 23 years old, and I’m working towards my goal of becoming a science teacher for grades 7-12. I was born in the Dominican Republic, and when I was 10 my parents and I decided to come to New York. From and early age in the DR I felt the passion to teach, and so I’m working towards that since that time, I say that because at every grade, I always choose the teacher that I like it the most to get inspirations, and strategies to use at the time I become a teacher. A fun fact of myself is that I like to dance a lot, to go out with friends, to have fun with loved ones, and listening to music, I also like to stay at home, watch movies or tv shows or videos, cook, and have nice foods and drinks.

The three habits of minds that I feel more connected to are; managing impulsivity, finding humor, and responding with wonderment and awe. So often I try to manage my impulsivity, when I get stress I could be impulsive in some stuff, so during my calm time I try to manage that in order to control about any impulsivity.

My big one that is quite related to me is finding humor. Everyone who knows me, characterizes me for always wearing a smile and having a good sense of humor, for laughing almost all the time. I try to emphasizes the fun part of almost everything and in that way relax myself and think in a calm way in the different  issues and things that we face daily. In my work with customers, before getting into their need, I always do a joke to them and we laugh, and then we get into the context of helping them. I noticed that doing this is a good start in serving a person, the person feel comfortable.

This third habit of mind it has been highlighted in me after I started working and being in professional settings. Always for all new things that I get know, I respond with such a wonder, my co-worker uses to joke with me telling me ‘Alexis in wonderland’ because of my reactions to new things.

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