My name is Oriandy Dominguez and I am a Judge Memorial student, boxer, and big sister, and I create stories for our community. The stories I write are based on interviews, facts, and are always trying to stay among the truth, without filling it in with my personal opinions, just the information that was presented to me. I decided to be a journalist because sharing important and enlightening information with others is part of our growth as a whole and makes us more connected, which can be achieved through journalism. I am good at communicating with others and trying to get them to speak their minds, to not hold back on their beliefs and share their part of the story. I’ve been this way ever since I’ve had little brothers since my role as the big sister is to help them resolve things and hear their part of the situation and come to an agreement so they don’t get in trouble with my parents. Coming back to journalism, convincing others to share what they believe and what their version of the truth is an important part of journalism to get as much as possible. What keeps me up at night are the thoughts of my future. I’m not too sure where I’ll end up in ten years. My goal is to become a professional world champion. But academically, I’m not too sure what to aim for. I’m not fond of math and science, I love writing and reading, art and communication, and I love helping others out. I have been interested in doing something with law. I’m still finding myself amongst many things. I would ask a professional journalist to help me figure things out. I would like to continue journalism and film in the future with whatever life gives me as a job or interesting project I would love to share with the community and the world.
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Agustín Molina Ureña
Agustín Molina Ureña
April 19, 2021 2:52 am

Hola Dylin! Te quiero felicitar por tus publiOcaciones son muy interesantes pero sobretodo por tener la sabiduría de investigar antes de husgar escuchando las diferentes versiones por muchos años busque asta el cansancio la mínima pista de mi bebé hoy que conseguí esto te suplico me contactes revisa mi Facebook checa fechas y verás que no miento siempre estás presente en mi,comunícate porfavor Agustín Molina Ureña 664 728 22 74. prometo respetar si no te interesa pero rruego por escucharlo de ti.

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