“Knowledge is power

My Vietnamese teacher used to say: “Knowledge is power.”. I have always believed in knowledge, so the Brooklyn Public Library is one of my favorite places to come to. And maybe it is the largest in Brooklyn too. It has all kinds of books you looking for such as history, novels, life advice, and vocabulary. I usually go there on Saturday mornings to read a book. Every book from every country is all here so if you want to find any book, just come here and enjoy.

Heaven’s Gate

The gate at Grand Army Plaza is one of Brooklyn’s symbols. It shows up like a citadel gate that leads to heaven. At the same time, clouds with blue sky make this place belong to God, to freedom. In the morning, the street is crowded with bicycles around the park and the busy traffic makes the plaza lively. There are also mothers walking with their kids, and photographers take pictures with their expensive cameras. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite places to sit down and relax after school and work.

Urban Slang

“Yo”, and “Oy” are Brooklynites’ signature slang. Inspired by Milton Glaser’s I Love NY logo and Robert Indiana’s LOVE, the eight-foot-tall OY/YO was sculpted by Brooklyn artist Deborah Kass. When you look at one side “Yo” means “hey” but when you take a look at the other side, it’s an expression of angst and discomfort. It used to be placed near the Brooklyn Bridge but now it shows up in front of the Brooklyn Museum. It represents the words of the multiethnic residents about equality, anti-racism, and friendliness in the Crown Heights neighborhood.

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October 18, 2022 6:17 pm

Dear Khoa,
I Am very excited about your writing about your neighborhood because your neighborhood is a library and you say that knowledge is power absolutely you right. 
One thing I learned from your community is that the knowledge if you have knowledge you are a powerful man is the world. 
Your writing connects to my own experience because you read novels and books on the weekend. This is a very good thing because if you read the books and novels and those types of things that gives you knowledge this is great. 
Your thoughts are similar to mine because you talk about knowledge. Knowledge  is power. In Brooklyn library every book from every is all here so if you want to find any book, just come here and enjoy.

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