We are exactly the same,

I just couldn’t agree with what you were saying.

We argued back and forth,

We both said some things that we didn’t mean to say.

I said some things that I should have said,

Because you are my mom,

I should have never talked back to you that way.

We both know things shouldn’t have been that way.


So we didn’t end up talking that whole day,

We passed by each other like if we didn’t know each other.

It hurt me,

But I know it hurt you too.

That same day I kept thinking about everything that was said,

I thought to myself,

“Why would we get mad at each other over something with no meaning?”

I wanted to approach you and talk about it,

I knew it wasn’t the time though.


We both woke up early,

As we always do because we always talk to each other.

I saw you,

I wanted to say something,

You saw me,

You wanted to say something.

It just wasn’t coming out of each other.

I didn’t know how to approach you.


We have always been really close to each other,

I tell you everything,

Whether I have a problem or just how my day went.

There are no secrets in between both of us.

It should have been easy to approach you.


So I did,

Yes I was nervous,

Yes I wasn’t sure what to say,

But you are my mom.

We should always be close to each other and make up for things.

Even more for some absurd argument that should have never escalated.

I said,

“I’m sorry”(Of course we had a separate conversation)

We hugged,

It felt like the best hug ever because we had never been this way.

So we made up,

We both smiled at each other,

I still remember I told you,

“I’m sorry mom, I am just like you.”

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March 11, 2018 9:40 am

Dear Chava,

I can relate to you a lot in this story because I get into fights with my siblings too and we don’t talk for the rest of the day. It almost brought a tear through my eye when you talked about approaching your mom to say sorry because I know you’re usually shy when it comes to expressing your feelings. Thank you for sharing this piece.


March 11, 2018 6:58 am

This piece was well written. My favorite line was “I’m sorry mom, I am just like you.” because it really had me thinking on the idea that “we are nothing like our parents”, but that is false. We share hella things in common with our parents, but we only see it when something different happens. Thank you for writing a piece that gave me a different lens to look through.

March 11, 2018 4:35 am

Dear Salvador,
Your poem was really well written and I like how you talked about your relationship with your mom. I like that line, “We have always been really close to each other, I tell you everything, Whether I have a problem or just how my day went. There are no secrets in between both of us.” I really like that line, because you really explained that strong bond you have with your mom. I hope you keep writing because you did a good job on this poem.

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