After you made your decision
That just led me to overthinking
And you did Implementation
Just like you knew everything
You never thought right information
About me, that’s the thing
You decided with emotion
On Maggie issues you focusing
She suffering with dissatisfaction
Doesn’t mean she is ailing
That’s called misconstruction
It’s kind of her characterizing
I study the past in my education
And somehow that moved my feelings
Completely changed my background information
Made me knew about everything
For our digging in the past, pay attention
And taking care of it, that’s my thing
This is my answer for your question
That’s why I wanted the quilting

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December 13, 2019 3:13 am

Dear Ahmed:

I am touched and inspired by your writing skills. The short poem called “ In a rare writing way, I predict a part of the story’s future.” let us thinking about what would happen after the end of the real story. Would Dee able to respond her Mom like that, you made me think about what is pretty interesting you let the reader wonder by calling his attention.

I also impress by the audio music background matched very well with your voices and letters congratulation!!!
One lines that stands out for me is, “I study the past in my education and somehow that moved my feelings” because, is saying that after Dee finish her education at college help her to be a mature person and be reasonable about her surroundings and what changes they need in the time.

Your poem reminds me why education is so important, that’s the only way we can change the society. Thank you so much I wish you the best, I hope to read another of your writing soon.

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