So… this time my conversation is a little on the darker side, but it needs to be said. Suicide… and it’s necessity.  

I was reading a book on various poems, but there was one that really caught my attention, and its topic was a suicidal kid. Basically, this kid attempted to kill himself by shooting himself in the heart. However, he failed and is forced to live with the aftermath in the crazy house. Then I thought, “Why do people commit suicide?”

Generally, due to issues with relatives, bullying, and just the lack of feeling to go on. However, I don’t think those are ever good reasons to end your life. 

Honestly, there are starving children and adults, there are children FORCED into war… and somehow those are the children that cling to life, those are the ones that want to live and lead a normal life. 

In my opinion, I could never imagine the thought of killing myself, and I don’t think anyone one else should either.

Photo by Bengin Ahmad

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October 24, 2016 3:19 pm

I agree with you that you shouldn’t end your life. However, this is something that has affected many people and it isn’t easy to get rid of such negative thoughts.

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