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Hailey Grandy

The important person I chose to shoot was Mr. Macey. Mr. Macey is a Spanish teacher at Judge Memorial, and he taught me last year. He has been teaching Spanish and History at Judge for several years, and he makes learning Spanish fun by helping students to understand concepts and sharing his embarrassing life stories with us.

I shot Mr. Macey’s portraits in his classroom. I went in the morning because his room faces east and I wanted to get the best lighting I could. I used a shallow depth of field so that he would stand out more. For my background I used a black bulletin board with articles and decorations on it that faced east because it faced the window so it was good light and I feel like everything on the bulletin board captured his essence as a teacher so it made the portrait more personal.



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  1. MacKenzie 4 years ago

    Dear Hailey,
    I like the reasoning behind the spot that you picked. I think using a background that shows some of the things your teacher teaches is a great idea. Another place that you could have used for a background was him siting at his desk with things he teaches on the board behind him. You could then focus in on just him, with the work a little blurry behind. I think you have a great photo overall.

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