The important person I took portraits of is Coach Cordova. He is important to the community because he coaches our football team and teaches some of our physical education classes. Coach Cordova also helps student whenever he can. He is always in the hallways, with a smile on his face and making jokes.

In the portraits I took, I tried to capture him in the weight room, where he teaches his classes and trains his football team. In the background are the weights, and on his shirt is the year he lead is team to the state championship. I chose a very casual pose for Cordova because he is a very laid back person and is always in a good mood. I kept the depth of field very shallow to blur out the mirror that was behind him. Because of the light reflecting from the yellow and red walls, I had to adjust the color levels in photoshop to get the even tone of the picture.



  1. Jason 4 years ago

    Olivia, I liked your post. In an age where kids spend more and more time away from home and less time with their parents, Coaches can be an important source of wisdom and attitude. Without positive role models, kids can end up passive-aggressive, misguided, and suffer from a lack of confidence. Coach Cordova looks like a good guy, and your school is lucky to have him.

  2. Adam 4 years ago

    Olivia,I really enjoyed your post. Coaches are often very important people in communities, as they influence the development of their athletes in so many different ways. I enjoyed reading about why you chose Coach Cordova as your subject, and why you photographed him where you did. Thank you for sharing your picture with us.

  3. Jimmy 4 years ago

    I deeply enjoyed your post as it is showing off one of the positively minded people you have in your school. It is great to have an adult to talk to in school, who you can just lay everything out to unfiltered. I play football as well and know how down to Earth some coaches can be, but when it comes to study and preparation they are as serious as you can get. Thank you for your post I found it very enlightening!

  4. MacKenzie 4 years ago

    Dear Olivia,
    I really enjoyed reading the reasoning behind why you picked to person that you picked. I think that in order to be a great coach you have to be engaged in the community. To me Coach Cardova sounds like a great coach. I really liked how you took the picture in a place that is related to what he does. Great Photo!

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