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    As our world continuously evolves, the manner in which we communicate and use different forms of language has developed too. There are numerous forms of language; however, the most common and effective form is verbal communication. As citizens of a verbally focused society, it is important that we continue to improve our communication skills in order to better connect with others. The power of language has a ripple effect on the relationships that we establish and the ways in which we maintain them. 

    Communication is needed in relationships because it institutes respect and trust through our ability to distinguish and respond to others’ feelings. states, “Communication is the act of sharing information from one person to another person or group of people.” Communication is the means by which people are able to carry out their relationships in a meaningful way. It is needed in all aspects of our lives including the workplace. Communication in the workplace is important to establish greater trust and respect, improve teamwork, problem solving, and overall social and emotional health. Additionally, “Communication in the workplace is very important for companies to work effectively and be productive” (Importance of Good Communication at the Workplace). Employees can experience an increase in productivity and commitment if they are able to effectively communicate with coworkers. Conversely, a lack of communication will inevitably lead to problems within the workplace. Poor communication creates lower productivity and an overall lack of motivation because employees do not have the resources to properly perform their jobs. (Importance of Good Communication at the Workplace). It is important that employees are constantly striving for better communication and coherence in the workplace. The power and degree of communication that we have can either be very beneficial in connecting with others, or extremely detrimental creating separation in our lives. 

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November 13, 2020 12:49 am

Dear Emily,
I loved your response to the power of language. I agree that it is heavily needed in the workforce. I like how you said “Poor communication creates lower productivity and an overall lack of motivation …” If someone is not trained properly, then it leads to an array of issue that could have simply been solved with communication. I think you bring great points that support your ideas.

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