Importance of Social Distancing by Timmy

April 3, 2020


Importance of Social Distancing

Social distancing is extremely important to slow this virus down and possibly destroy it because if we isolate and social distance it will slow the spread and make it so we can get this under control. Also It is important because anyone from any age can get it and it doesn’t always show symptoms. To prevent the spread everyone should practice social distancing because of the fact that the symptoms don’t always show so some people have it without knowing. It benefits everyone because we can find who has it and stop spreading so we can end the epidemic.

The corona virus has many serious effects on the body even if it doesn’t kill you. It has lasting effects on lung tissues.The virus makes mucus membranes inflamed once they reach the throat and lungs which can lead to damage of alveoli. Common key signs of the virus is high fever, dry cough and fatigue. Many people that have tested positive for it have also shown no signs or symptoms which makes it more important to social distance cause you don’t always know who has it.

If needed the healthiest in the family should go to the store and shop for everyone in the house to limit the amount of trips needed. Also should be prepared with disinfecting wipes to make sure they are protected.