As a second generation American, I view this country as a place of opportunity.  The United States is a country built entirely by immigrants, earning it the title, the Melting Pot, and it is the duty as an American to accept immigrants who seek better lives in this Land of Opportunities (although I disagree with illegal immigration).  A handful of the population sees immigration as a threat and a way for malicious criminals to enter, and currently, our President even took action by banning/limiting immigration from five major Muslim countries, in addition to North Korea and Venezuela (Lazuk).  Discrimination has never ceased, and under the pressure of the media-portrayed terrorism and lack of jobs, our fears have been aggravated, taking over our thoughts and controlling our emotions, thus, we look for scapegoats and point our fingers at the minorities although many of these incidents are caused by our own foolishness.  But, I believe Americans will be able to hurdle over these obstacles like they did in the past. Immigration is the building block of America, we need to accept victims of war and poverty who seek shelter in America, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, and origin, and that is what makes us American.

Of course, bringing in immigrants has an upside to the United States as well.  According to Geoff, “that over the period of 2016 to 2026, there will be 11. 5 million jobs created and a million fewer people in the workforce to fill them”.  Immigration is the perfect answer to this problem, both giving them an opportunity to prove themselves, and its bringing benefits to the economy.  Immigrants can also do more than filler jobs. H1B visas are given out to skilled immigrant workers, but with the current regime, there are not enough H1B visas given to immigrants, and many of those skilled workers are returning home when we can give them a much better platform in America.  Maybe that is how we’ll find the next Albert Einstein.

Immigration is as essential to America as America is to them.  History has proven that immigration is what helps improve our country and I believe immigration should not be as limited as it has been.  We can prevent our economic slowdown and give a home, an opportunity, and a dream to those who strive for success in America.


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October 23, 2018 4:17 pm

I agree with what you said Eric, immigration is the core of America. Most people here had family that came from another country. America is a melting pot so many people come from all around the world. My parents came for another country because in this country if you work hard you can accomplish any of your dreams. I think many people also to to America for the same reason.

October 10, 2018 11:59 am

Cool post Eric, I like how you brought up statistics on immigration but I wish that you would have elaborated on the negatives of immigration. It would have been much better if you had talked about drug and crime rates before and after immigration as well as how the jobs of non-immigrants are affected. Overall good post.

October 8, 2018 12:33 pm

Nice points Eric, I agree that immigration is a core part of America. The fact that in 10 years there will be over 11 million jobs created really surprised me. Immigration definitely would help fill those jobs. It’s kind of ironic that America is called a melting pot when right now immigration is being cut down on but that could change with a new president, who knows. Overall nice writing.

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