There is much confusion in terminology used when describing an individual who is young and in this country illegally. These kids have been called dreamers by president obama in reverence to an act called the dream act. The dream act has never actually passed and continues to be discussed in committee in about every session of congress. It does not have the support from both sides of the issle to get it through and has come up for votes many times. The kids being referred to as dreamers are those whose parents brought them over before they were sixteen years old.

Dreamers were helped by the obama’s administration fighting hard for the passage of DACA. They are still being called dreamers even though they really are being helped by DACA and not a dream act. People who qualify for DACA are those who came over with their parents and are living in this country without committing a crime. They are given rights and the ability to apply for a drivers licence and they may apply to colleges. The vital part of DACA is the ability for these people to apply for work visas to work legally in America.

This greatly helps our economy because these once illegal immigrants who were being paid in untaxed sums under the table are now being taxed and are also better equipped to pay for housing and other needs. The protection of these people is morally right but the economic benefit of having more people who are legally able to work in a ageing workforce is undeniable. We need more workers.

The influx of able people who can now fully apply themselves in school, rather than having the fear that no matter what they do they won’t go to college, is another tremendous advantage. We see this in an increase in college enrollment and a increase in graduation of high school rates. America needs the next generation to lead the future and integrating these seemingly outsiders into a more homogeneous whole is necessary. The integration of these kids will help them but their ideas will help us advance as well.

There is an idea thrown around that americans suffer from foreign immigrants coming in because they take our jobs. There are two reasons they would be able to do this 1) they can do them cheaper 2) they can do them better. Neither one of these reasons hurts americans. We love capitalism and having a open and competitive marketplace. Those ideals do not extend to the workforce however, because many feel they are being hurt by the competition. Competition is what this country is bred and was founded on. This should be encouraged. If an immigrant can come into your kids school and be valedictorian why deny him or her that opportunity. These kids push us to be better and to move forward and that is what this country needs.

We have stagnated and are no longer at the top. The way to get back is not to push reactionary ideas but rather integrate the ideas we already have here and blend them with the existing infrastructure. We can return and we should return but only with an integration and an acceptance that we need immigrants to push us forward. We need their help socially and politically. Without them and with the continue denial of progress we will stagnate and eventually end up self destructing.

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