Dear President,


There has been a controversial problem about immigration and has affected about millions of immigrants that have suffered throughout history. Over the years from 1999 to today 183,000 to 400,000 immigrants have been deported and separated from their loved ones, is the saddest part of coming to this country to look for freedom and a better life for their children. In the past a few presidents were elected because they promised to take action and solve the problem and did nothing! Their purpose was only to win presidency and not grant the wishes they promised. The idea of a president when they take an oath is to be truthful and complete their promises.

A personal connection that would occur,one unexpected day out of nowhere someone separates them just because they were in this country illegally. I remember my own parents and family members scared to dive at night because cops were stopping cars and having no licence would get them a ticket.

One miracle of proposition that was passed in 2012 known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and has now been going on for four years since. Many teenagers that were graduating High School or working in the fields could now have the opportunity and improve their social stratum by finding a more efficient job, and continue their education to pursue a career to change America and helping the economy. Three-quarters of DACA recipients that had been able to get better-paying jobs, 30 percent had gone back to school, and 59 percent said they could help support their families in California. There’s evidence that DACA helps keep immigrants integrated into American life — instead of losing interest in school or a career because they feel their immigration status holds them back. I am a student to that recently graduated high school and going to continue my education as first generation student thanks to (DACA). There are ups and downs my parents are happy that I will be the first to go college but, to pay for college it is going to be expensive the dorm itself coming far from home and not receiving loans to pay and unmet payments that I will have to get a job and no work-study offered by the federal government.  

Hard working parents deserve to gain protection and the other proposition known as (DAPA) had failed recently and did not gain protection for immigrant Workers  that work for hours in the hot sun are helping America but is treated with no gratitude. Immigrant parents deserve to get the permission to be in the United States of America and see their own parents where they were born at. Anyone that has not seen their parents should have an opportunity to visit them all these years that have gone by and not seeing them physically is difficult. Parents with the fear of every day that could end up in a tragedy of being deported and unable to do anything.

The only thing they want to accomplish is having a better life for their family, not risking their stay in America by doing illegal actions. Parents receiving a good social security number and would give them lots of benefits with medical to that is way to expensive to pay off. They would also have the opportunity to build their own credit and pay a lease for a house or a car that they deserve for their hard work. Many Americans talk about how immigrants come to this nation to take all the jobs, the reality is the jobs being taken are low pay and unskilled work.




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