The issue is based on the fact that immigrants are being blocked from entering the country by a border wall. These people trying to cross over the Mexican border are trying to search for a better/safer place to live. Trump has accused Mexicans of being rapists, drug dealers, and are criminals. He is trying to build a more reinforced wall to prevent the immigrants from coming to the United States. I am passionate about this issue because I believe everyone deserves to live wherever they want, as long as they are not going to do illegal activity. If someone wants to live in another country for safety, more opportunities, or for personal reasons, they deserve the chance of being able to live where they want.


I knew about the border wall and how it separates Mexico from the United States to prevent immigrants from crossing the border. It serves the purpose to possibly keep the United States safe from illegal activity entering the country. Even though it is to stop illegal immigrants from crossing over, many immigrants were able to crossover and look for a better life in most cases. I now know that the number of illegal drugs being brought into the United States through the border has decreased along with the number of apprehensions of the border patrol on the illegal immigrants. It’s either that there is a shorter amount of immigrants trying to enter the United States, or there are more people who are searching for a safer place to live instead of wanting to import drugs to the United States.




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