Dear Future President of the United States,

Congratulations on being the new president. An important issue that I care about is immigration. Immigration is a major issue in our country. I think this because they are lots of people that are immigrants, and lots of them want to stay in this country. 

Lots of the immigrants come to this country to have a better life. To have a better future. I think you should make a law that says that all undocumented people that come to the United States without papers. 

I think lots of the people have the right to stay in this country. I think most parts of the United States are made up of immigrants I am not only talking about Mexicans, Guatemalans. I am also talking about people who are coming from Syria. They are coming to this country because there is a war where they live and they need to escape before something bad happens to their family.

Everybody in this country has the right to stay in this country. My parents are immigrants who came to this country. They came to this country to have a better life/future. I hope you make a good decision for immigrants.

Yours truly,



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October 28, 2016 2:20 pm

Dear Hiromi your post stands out to me because they’re are a lot of immigrants coming to this country and my family members are immigrants too. I also came here to have a better life/future over here, and I hope other people who read your post can see that. Thanks for sharing your writing. I hope you right more topics/ideas you have, because this was a really good topic to talk about!

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