Dear Future President,


I hope that you can help and benefit everyone in the United States but in most cases it

won’t. It’ll most likely mostly benefit only some people. I hope that you don’t involve

anything against immigration. Immigration plays a big part here in the United States.

These immigrants aren’t bad people. These people look to have a second opportunity at

life. They want their children to have a future, to have an education for them. They’ve

risked their lives just to get over here. I understand that you have to have a border

because it adds safety towards the United States at times.. But not all immigrants are

bad people. I’ve seen cases where they treat immigrants very bad, they treat them like

something else. Like If they’re not worth anything. But in reality, everyone is exactly the

same. There human also so you have to respect them if you want them to respect you.

It’s really sad when you hear that people got deported and were separated from their

families.  Separated families is something that you don’t want to see. It’s a very bad

view. Im sure you wouldn’t want to be separated from your family so don’t let others get

that feeling of being so far away from their children and their home. I don’t understand

why is it that people don’t want immigrants here in the United States. Like, what are

they doing to you? They’re not causing you any problems at all. If you think about it,

these immigrants can help you because they’re always in fields, working their butts off

so they can have food for their family. Some food that you eat today are actually thanks

to an immigrant. Their is many ignorant people who are so immature and aren’t grateful

for what they have. If you actually get to know these immigrants, know their story, you

would understand them. Their some great people. They can help you out in something

you need one day, you never know. If these immigrants get deported then who will do all

these jobs that immigrants do? I know for sure americans won’t. Not to offend them but I

know they wouldn’t stand to be out there in the hot sun for more than 8 hours straight. I

hope you can be smart in what you do and our country can still be great, just the way it

is right now. People’s life have changed ever since Obama became president, I really

hope those people can still be the way they are. With all this happening all over the

United States, you have to do something about this. You should consider to give more

opportunities to immigrants, just as equivalent as anybody else. There is many

immigrants that deserve to be here in the United States, you should grant them with a

citizenship so they don’t have to live with that fear of being deported one. Some actually

have to keep moving house to house so they won’t be found which I think is very wrong.

You can’t be chasing after people who sacrifice everything for their family. It just isn’t



Nelson Vejar

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