June 24, 2016


Dear President,


In today’s world there is many issues that need to resolved to better suit the lives of many. I, unlike many, was not raised in a situation where I had to face too many endeavors to get to the place where I am at now. My parents came to America in the hopes of giving their future generation a better life than the one they had endured back in Mexico. Which every immigrant that comes to America is in the search of, a better life with an opportunity to give their child an education and a career. They would always speak to me about the journey of having to cross the unforgiving desert climate and how not everyone was fortunate enough to make it through the journey. The journey to America was only a small step into overcoming the endeavor of becoming a citizen, the next step was getting documentation.. The most difficult part for my parents to get documentation was to learn a whole new language, learn the constitution, and many other little requisites. That brings up a major issue that has been reoccurring in America for many years, is the fact that people come to America for their chance at the “American Dream” but some never get that opportunity. This is not an issue that only plagues your typical stereotype of an immigrant, Mexicans, but as well Asians, Europeans, and as of current Muslims. The real problem of this issue is that the process of getting documentation to be a citizen is known to be very time consuming, strenuous, and expensive. For most immigrants it’s just easier to just arrive in America illegally and find a job to help support their families under the radar. Even though some of these jobs take advantage of them and make them work in harsh conditions; they still take on that challenge for their families. There are some people that make the argument that immigrants are taking their jobs. I beg to differ because immigrants are usually  the ones doing the jobs no one else want to do. The issue of immigrants coming illegally is that if they get caught, they get separated from their families and are left to struggle financially and emotionally.

There is many solutions for this issue but I believe that we as a country first need to create a short term solution and evolve it to a long term solution. That why I believe the short term solution is making the citizenship process less time consuming and more quicker.




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