Immigration through Ysrael’s eyes by Melody

May 28, 2021


Immigration through Ysrael’s eyes

There’s many things going on in this short narrative story “Ysrael,” by Juno Diaz, such as immigration stories from his own upbringing. They face many issues and experiences throughout immigration in the story.

He also mentions how the family, though poor, has food and necessities, unlike in the Dominican Republic.

“Ysrael” depicts the everyday lives and struggles of Dominican-American immigrants is the story of two young brothers that are on a quest to discover the face under Ysrael´s mask.

I learn a few interesting things about his life and what he had to go through. It was hard for them to move to the United States and money problems and just the everyday struggle of Dominican American immigrants and lastly immigration. The character struggles with their own opposing desires or beliefs.

The experiences of immigrants from the Dominican Republic especially observed by them. A boy who wears a mask to hide his pig mauled face he went to united state for a change of getting his face changed and soon faces the real struggles of what it was like as an immigrant and someone who is just different from the others.