21 June 2016

Dear Future President,

As a child I knew my family wasn’t the same as other families, my dad worked two jobs and my mom worked as well. I didn’t understand why me or my sisters couldn’t get more than what we wanted sometimes, for example not being able to buy more than one pair of shoes once we already wore out the ones we already owned. Both my parents came from Mexico, they had to endure a lot of things to come to this country to have a better life not only for themselves but for me and my little sisters. There’s this stereotype that immigrants come to the US to “steal jobs” but really they’re just taking the jobs that nobody really wants, they’re coming here to have better opportunities. They come here to improve their living circumstances and eventually become be better people, I feel like we should give them a chance to become citizens/residents if they want. This country was basically founded by immigrants, the pilgrims came here and then more people started coming and were taking away the Native Americans land, so who are we to stop other people that want to come to this country for a better life. They want to feel and be safe, for example in Mexico there’s a lot of  drug trafficking and dangerous people that’s why most people came here so they can get away and be safe pursue the American dream.

People are afraid. Afraid of maybe going to work and immigration stopping by and taking them back to their homeland. All they really want to do is work and have a better future for their generations to come. My parents don’t spend a lot of time at home, I was the one usually taking care of  my little sisters throughout the afternoons until my parents would come home. It’s rare to spend a lot of days out with my family, but when we do get the chance I really do appreciate all they do for us. Every time they go to work is so that they can provide food and anything we might need.  They work so hard for this country and people don’t really value them. Many of these people work for minimum wage and two or more jobs, they don’t complain they just work really hard to be able to provide for their family. They want their kids to have free education and to be able to go to school and build a life for themselves. My parents have worked their hardest so that I can put in the effort to make it to where i am today. I will be starting my first year of college and it’s going to be hard since I will be the first in my family, but it will all be worth it because I want to be able to help my family out. They work so hard and they just want to see me and my siblings succeed. That’s why there are so many immigrants because they want their kids to succeed and be better off than they were.


Wendy Perez

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