Tish, the protagonist in If Beale Street Could Talk, has a few traits that influence her relationships with others.

One, she is Determined. Two, she is Loving. Three, she is happy.

These traits influence her relationships with others. “The novel begins when Tish is in her third month of pregnancy. /After telling Fonny that he is about to become a father, Tish goes home, where she tells her mother, Sharon, who relays the information to her husband, Joe, and her daughter Ernestine(“Sis”). Mrs. Rivers makes this moment into a joyous occasion, showing the love and support of her family for Tish, Fonny, and the child-to-be-born.” This quote shows her happiness because Tish is expecting a baby from the man she is in a relationship with and has the support of her family.  

Later on we learn more about where Fonny (Tish’s baby father) is and why he found out 3 months after the baby was conceived. “Alonzo “Fonny” Hunt is a sculptor of some talent. At the age of twenty-two, he sits powerless in jail, frustrated in his inability to contribute to his legal defense or take care of Tish and his soon-to-be-born child./He knows that he must depend on her and her family to help him win his case.” This Quote can bring out Tish’s determined trait because she wants her man free and for their family to be happy. 

Also from this quote we see how Tish’s other trait comes in contact. Her love, because Fonny is in jail and she still sticks by him and goes to see him whenever she can. She could have just given up but she is fighting to get him out.

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