I remember playing near a fire hydrant on a hot beaming sunny day.

I remember my mom telling me it’s not safe and the fear of being outside alone creeping up my back.

I remember cheerios and pop tarts for breakfast while my mom played charmed or any of her favorite classics on.

I remember the thick-cut bangs I had and hair that reached farther than my waist and how long it took to convince my mom to let me cut it.

l remember playing Minecraft with my uncle as he taught me his favorite games and YouTubers.

I remember my mom and step-dad going to Puerto Rico so my aunts and uncle spent the week with my step-brother and I.

I remember staying up all night that week and having fun with my family and how hard we laughed when one of my aunts got stuck on a scaffold.

I remember my mom taking me to a Katy Perry concert in fourth grade, it made my day.

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May 10, 2021 11:43 pm

I am an 8th grade Language Arts teacher, and I was just introduced to this site. I love what you’ve written!

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