I remember occasional trips to Catskills to see my grandpa and grandma from my dad’s side.
I remember the girl who lived downstairs in the apartment I lived in for 5-8 years, and how she and her sister always wanted to play dolls with me.
I remember my obsession with Monster High, Barbie, and My Little Pony.
I remember being told constantly how irresponsible and clumsy I was for always losing something.
I remember my other obsession of headbands, and questionable clothing choices.
I remember being labeled the best drawer in 3-5th grade, and going all out for any assignment that required some sort of art skill.
I remember my best friend, who hit puberty surprisingly early, and me having questions but not wanting to seem disrespectful or offensive.
I remember everyone telling me to stop biting my nails, how my fingers will turn out ugly, but no matter how hard I try the urge keeps coming back.
I remember letting my nails grow for as long as possible so I can get them done, but it never really lasted long.
I remember nostalgic Spanish songs being played at the barbecues and hangouts my family threw.
I remember wanting a sister, then getting annoyed when she acts like me.
I remember my mother also planning for a baby boy, but something tragic happened.
I remember the big house I lived in in New Jersey for about 4 years, and my big room in it.
I remember complaining about how I don’t have enough shoes, and now I can’t decide which shoes to wear.
I remember constantly going on my computer and playing Animal Jam.
I remember watching Youtube and watching people play the games I wished I could, and how my parents called the videos “weird”.
And I remember calling my sister weird when she watches the same type of videos I used to.
I remember getting mad because my dad picked me up from school while my friends went home with each other, but then later on being grateful for it.
I remember getting upset because my sister got her phone at age 6, but I just got my first phone in 6th grade.
I remember wanting an iPod just so I could play music, but my parents denied it, and my sister Facetimes her friends daily.
I remember being such a nice person that i’d let myself get “thrown around” and teased by the people I called “friends”.
I remember wanting to be popular, so I started acting like it, but it never worked for me, so I gave up.
I remember wanting curly hair while everyone complimented my straight hair.
I remember everyone calling me white even though I was Puerto Rican, just because I was so pale.
I remember my huge obsession with reading, and how I collected all of the “Warriors”, “I Survived”, and Raina Telgemeier books.
I remember  bringing way too much money to my school’s book fairs, and people wanting me to buy them something or calling me lucky.
I remember intense dodge ball competitions in the gym or recess.
I remember being so excited to grow up, and now wanting to freeze time.
I remember my parents telling me being an adult isn’t easy, and as an adult i’d realize that when I am one.



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