I remember by Elliot

November 27, 2016


I remember

I remember sleepless nights.
I remember trying to run from the waves of emotions even though I knew I couldn’t escape.
I remember my mother struggling to put food on the table and telling us that she is fine when we know she isn’t.
I remember the joy it brought her to see me succeed.
I remember the smile on her face when I was happy.
I remember the distress it brought her to see me fail.
I remember how much it hurt that my brother became distant.
I remember staying up all night waiting for him to come home but he rarely did.
I remember teaching myself the things that my father never taught me.
I remember wishing I could leave and never return.
I remember wishing I was a bird and could fly away.
I remember feeling guilty about these selfish thoughts.
I remember growing up feeling lonely.