So needless to say I am writing this from home, as everyone because of your friendly neighborhood corona virus. And honestly I gotta say, I’d rather be in school. My friends are there, it gives me something to do all day, classwork is better than homework, and its just easier to focus. Not that I was all that focused anyways. But so yeah I have ADHD and needless to say this more independently focused style of living has not been kind to my people.

Fortunately someone named Katelyn Boden is a pro at working with her ADHD and used everyone’s favorite distraction (twitter) to offer advice based on her experience. Tip #1 obviously being Take your meds. Amongst other advice the most useful tip was to stay put at your work station until all your work is done. This is easier said than done,but it does make finishing everything easier.

Another unfocused wanderer wrote about their experience, and it’s pretty similar to mine. They had transcended time into an eternal state of checking their phone, walking about the house for a bit, checking their phone, and realizing they had gotten none of their work done. To help fix this they created a group schedule with their nephew who was also ADHD. I found out I have this really hand app on my phone called calendar. I started it using it to make a schedule, and by golly it helps tremendously. So yeah, being cooped up with no direction is fun, especially when you cant pay attention or sit still.



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  1. Noa 10 months ago

    I really like this, unfortuantely, I do not have ADHD.

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