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I believe the Organ is the King of Instruments

 I believe the pipe organ is the king of all instruments and superior to all other ensembles. The size and power that comes from it’s pipes soars above and dwarfs all other instruments.  The organ is not only a solo instrument, but a one-man orchestra. Did you know that the loudness of one such type of organ stop alone is six times louder than a train horn? The 16 foot Ophicleide in the pedal of the Organ at Atlantic City Convention Hall has the ability to overpower a symphony orchestra like nothing. The organ comes in many types and has the sound complexity that make the instrument the king of all others.

The sound of the organ is one of the ways that make it superior to all other instruments. The tone of the organ comprised of choruses of pipes that range from as little as 2 feet to as high as 32 feet tall.  Dozens and dozens of these huge metal tubes are vibrating and creating a noise that is reverberating out into a huge space. Let’s compare this with a symphony orchestra which similar to an organ is comprised of different instruments with different sound.  However, unlike the orchestra, every note of every sound in the organ is it’s own pipe or instrument. This divides the organ up to project the vastness of the sound of music unlike the Orchestra can. The sound of the organ can be divided into 4 families: reeds, foundations, flutes, and strings. These stops can either be played independently or together all by one player. For example, you can play the 8 foot Hautboy(a reed) by itself or with other foundations stops creating a French Romantic sound.  Instrument ensembles have to adjust the color of sound according to the player of instruments, while the organ can adjust sound with a click of a button.

There are many types of organs.  There are baroque organs which are from the time of the 17th and 18th centuries.  These organs have very bright mixtures perfectly well suited for playing the music of Bach and Buxtehude. The reeds on these types of organs are generally mellower and not as rich in nature. Now, there may be other instruments from other periods, but what makes the organ so unique is  that it is not one instrument, but a combination of instruments coming from only one person. Thus, if one plays on an organ of the baroque period, the effect of bringer the listener back in time is more likely to have a deeper impact on the interpretation of baroque music than a single baroque instrument like an orchestral trumpet or oboe.  This is why the organ is the kind of instruments.

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