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I Believe the Arts Can Change Lives

Majority of my time is spent in the fine arts wing at my high school. I take two music classes, participate in the musical and plays. The radio is always on in my car and my phone is constantly blasting music at home.The arts have always been important to me, I love the connection i have with the audience when I perform. I feel that the arts and the people involved in them can change lives.

Having a creative outlet is so beneficial for our life. We can inspire others with our work, express yourself, and expose yourself to cultures around the world. The act of creating allows the artist to experience a wide range of emotions but that creation can bring those same feelings to an audience. The arts get people out of their comfort zone. You are challenged to think differently when you are presented with a new piece of music, text or painting. Many artists also use music and art as a way to capture moments in life. Both art and music pieces can be used to tell our history. They tell us about the past.

Cave paintings are used to explain the early forms of man and sculptures were made to appease the ancient gods. In the past music and art were used to inform people. Stories of ancestors were told through song and dance. Music was performed during religious services as a form of enlightenment and education. The bright paintings and music in the church related God to eternal happiness representing that idea of heaven . Recently, music is used to talk about social injustices. Gospel music which was/ is performed in church has transitioned into a new form of music, R&B. This new style led to Rap, which brings up social problems like race, drugs, abuse, and violence.

While it is hard to complete homework and other extracurricular work on time because you are putting all of your energy into your creative passion, it is still so rewarding. Spending a large amount of time with people that are interested in the same things as you create a second family which makes it easy and fun to stay at school late for dress rehearsals and shows. Whether a painting or piece of music, the arts convey thoughts and emotions from the artist to the individuals experiencing the piece. The arts bring society together.


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