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I believe that it's important that we use our words to be kind


I believe that it’s important we use our words to be kind. By moving our mouths, lips, tongues, and vocal chords in certain ways we are able to not only wreck someone’s day but also fix someone’s day. This is why it is so crucial that we be nice to everyone and recognize the power that you as an individual have over other people’s emotions. Every single person can use words to heal and to help, but what is more important is that every single person realizes that other people have depth. Everyone has more going on in their life than what you can see, and just because it is not prevalent or noticable does not mean that it is irrelevant.  It is because of these very unforeseen situations that we must be nice to every person that we encounter. There is no extra time, space, or energy in our lives for anything degrading towards another person.


That girl you just called fat? She is starving herself to an unbearable degree. That girl you just called ugly? She choses makeup over food just hoping for someone to think that she looks good. The boy you just pushed out of the way in the hall? He already gets abused and in fact you just bumped a bruise so congrats. That boy you just called a man whore? He likes to hang around with girls because his mom is dead and he misses a female presence.


All of these people have problems, all of these people have hardships, and you have the power to help all of these people. They say that your words are as powerful as a bullet, but what they don’t say is that your words are more powerful than any anti-depressant or any anti-anxiety pill bottle. Your words, when used as compliments and flattery have the power to turn around someone’s day. These do not have to be huge things, next time you are talking to someone, give them a compliment, flatter them, who knows maybe they will even do it back. Start holding the door more, start smiling more, start letting people go first at a stop sign. All of these things require minimal energy but have a huge impact. Act small yet impact them all.


Your words have power, your actions have influences, and you have the ability to effect change everywhere you go. It is time to turn over a new leaf, a new day, and a new way. I believe that together we will make this world kinder to all of its inhabitants. Believe it or not, that part is up to you.

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May 21, 2018 2:08 am

Ethan, I was impressed with your This I Believe essay. I think you did a great job and made some outstanding points. One thing you brought to my attention that I hadn’t really thought about is that people have problems going on in their lives that we may not be aware of so something we say as a joke can actually cause a lot of harm towards that person. I like how you almost challenge the reader to compliment people because it seems like we don’t do that enough these days. I’d love to see change and I know you as well as other people would like to as well. I like your ending because it shows the reader that it’s up to them to make the change because it won’t just happen naturally. Thank you for your This I Believe post and I enjoyed reading it.

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