Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. Teamwork is a very important and effective way to solve problems and increase productivity. When I began working in fast food I had never really thought much about teamwork, I’d never been in a sport that required much teamwork, I’d never done real team building exercises and I’d never been in a solid group of people/friends that acted like a team. Qdoba was the first time where I realized the importance of Teamwork. Upon starting I realized that fast food restaurants are just full of unhappy people, creating unhappy service and declining profit margins. As I continued to work in this environment I decided to try and do something about it. I’ve begun to make real connections with the people that I work with because as a group of friends we have an increased dependability, speed, comfortability, customer service, and respect that you can’t find in a regular group of coworkers. As my bonds have grown stronger so has my will to do my best for the benefit of the people I work with and they’ve experienced the same thing so overall it’s creating a happier, more productive and friendlier workplace because of the new teamwork that we’ve striven to improve over the past few years. I believe that teamwork is important because it allows you to work with your strengths and the strengths of others in your team, this allows for superior problem solving abilities and happy and healthy environments for people to work and live in. Teamwork also encourages people to support each other. Overtime this bond created can develop into a bond similar to familial ties which facilitates more trust, dependence on each other and success. It’s helpful because not everything in life is going to be a one man job, eventually you’re going to have to trust someone to help you and trust is an lot easier to manifest in a team. Most important of all teamwork allows people to adapt to whatever surroundings they’re  in better, it allows for people from every background and race and religion to work together successfully, to receive immediate feedback on what they’re doing and lastly it allows for things to be seen from multiple viewpoints.

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