I believe that people today need to treat each other with more respect. Through personal experience, and seeing how people communicate with each other today, I notice how badly people tend to treat each other without seeming to care or even notice it.

One reason is the common use of vulgar language. It isn’t uncommon to hear those kinds of words used more than 10 to 20 times a day. Thrown about as if as easy to say as “you”, “me”, and “I”. Yet when you think about the actual definitions of those words, the severity of these insults is appalling. The age at which these words are spoken is also quite unthinkable. My mother even complains multiple times on how middle schoolers have used swear words at their parents.

The main reason that I started thinking more about this issue, came from an experience I had with an elderly patient at the hospital I volunteer at. I was moving an old man in his wheelchair from his room to the main entrance where he was to be picked up by his chauffeur. When I brought him to his car, he thanked me profusely, and said “there have been nothing but “sirs” and “ma’ams” out of you. There aren’t enough respectful people like you these days.”. I felt very proud of myself, but I was also a little sad. When we think of the future, we generally think of progress, improvement, and growth. Yet it seemed that with the growth of knowledge, and technology, the more traditional ideals of respect and good attitude have become less of a priority in our lives.

I think that this issue needs to be known by everyone, especially in this era. With increasing suicide rates, cyberbullying, and tension between just about everyone with an opinion, we need to be nicer to each other. These negative attitudes and this insensitiveness among us is degrading our society, and we need to do a better job at trying to fix this. The phrase “think before you speak” could not be applied to a better time. One word could be a very defining moment in someone’s life, and to determine whether it makes or breaks them, is your responsibility.

I believe that people today need to treat each other with more respect.

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