This I Believe

I believe that through hard work, one can accomplish their goals. My example of this is myself. In 8th grade, I played on the school basketball team. I had a great time and got to play good minutes. I had it just the way I wanted. The season ended and the offseason began. I decided to forget basketball during the offseason and just to have fun. The next fall, freshman basketball came around and I didn’t go through any serious training until the week before tryouts. Soon it was time to take the try outs. I did my best only to hear when it was all done that there wasn’t a spot for me on the team. This devastated me. Basketball was my favorite thing to do and I felt I had been robbed of my hobby.

For the next couple of days I just tried to accept the fact that my time playing basketball was over. I attempted to tell myself that it was fun but it wasn’t going to last forever. Everything comes to an end at some point. No matter how much I told myself these types of things, I still couldn’t settle for this reality. I decided instead that I would earn back that spot on the roster. While the other guys were in season, I would have to work just as hard as they were. I was constantly in the gym and in my driveway working hard. I spent nearly everyday of my summer working on my weaknesses.

The summer passed and we reached the fall, tryout time. The tryouts came and when they came to a close, I had earned a spot. It was such a relief. It had been such a struggle to get my name in the system and really appear on the coaches’ radars. Throughout the season, I didn’t get much playing time but I still had a good time. When the season came to a close, the next challenge arose. Next year was varsity basketball. That means I wouldn’t be competing for the top 13 spots in my grade, but instead the top 13 spots in the school. That meant over this offseason, not only would I have to work hard, but I had to work harder than all the other guys.

I did just that and made sure I wasn’t only improving my skill but also my body. I spent my summer lifting, going to camps, and working in the gym. Again the fall came around and it was back to the routine. This time it was different though. It felt as if the odds were stacked against me. I had some tough competition and I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to prove I deserve a spot on the squad. The tryouts came to a close and I was delighted to hear that there was a spot for me. It was such a relief. My hard work had finally paid off. I was a varsity basketball player.

I was able achieve this solely through hard work a dedication. Because of my experiences, I believe this method doesn’t only apply to my situation. I believe that hard work, anyone can accomplish any goal they have.

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June 7, 2018 4:36 pm

Thank you for your post! I really enjoyed your This I Believe essay. I agree that you need to work hard and have dedication to accomplish any goal that you have. I liked your personal story and think it is a great example of hard work and dedication. I think your story is very relatable and makes your audience connect with you and feel what you feel. Thank you for your post!

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