Hyperthymesia Scientific Research by Siena

February 23, 2017


Hyperthymesia Scientific Research

After doing research on EBSCO, I found three available sources on hyperthymesia. The first told me some important information relevant to my research question:

  • The individual that a case study on in the magazine Psychologist¬†had no better short or long term scores on desktop games than the average person
  • Only the autobiographical memory of individuals with hyperthymesia is affected
  • The 20-year-old man’s first memory was from age 3, and he had a perfect recollection of every day past age 11
    • Brings up an interesting point: can people with hyperthymesia remember earlier memories than others?
  • Important role of the amygdala in memory functions
  • This particular individual begins every day by thinking about what he did that day in previous years. However, patient tended to focus more on the positive memories than the negative.
  • ¬†This research is relevant to Alzheimer’s research