When someone mentions pets that are gross and unhygienic people usually go to rats. At the mention of the rodents, people get unnerved and usually say “ew”. People see them for their wild New York city vermin counterpart. As an owner of rats, I personally find them to be some of the cleanest creatures. They are constantly cleaning themselves, can be litter trained, and if provided with an open water source they bathe themselves. 

Similar to cats, rats groom themselves often. “They are fastidious groomers that actually do not like getting dirty”.Constantly cleaning any dirt, grime, and filth off of themselves. “Rats want to be incredibly clean. They want it so bad, they take care of the business themselves. Rats are well known in the veterinary community to be self-groomers”. One of the ways rats bond with one another is by grooming each other. Also, if you have a good bond with your pet rat they will attempt to groom you! Rats naturally tend to use the bathroom in a certain area of their cage.“If you put a litter tray in their cage, rats will learn how to use it instead of picking and using a general corner to do their business”. Because of this, you can place a litter tray inside of their cage and easily dispose of their waste. 

Another cool thing that rats do is when you give them an open bowl of water they use it to clean their hands. They place their little feet in the water then rub their hands like they are suddsing them up with soap. This gets the dirt off their feet and pleases their natural sense to groom themselves. Now I’m not going to say rats are the cleanest pets you can have. They do tend to make a mess in their cage and pick up the smell from it but if you keep the cage clean they stay even cleaner.

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