After reading ¨Hurricane Fiona Makes Landfall¨ (BTW by btwadmin, 2022) states what Hurricane Fiona has done to the people affected by it and how it’s expanding and becoming worse. It made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 17, it left behind heavy rains, flooding, and a blackout. More than half a million of people were left without access to clean water. In the Dominican Republic over 700,000 were left without running water, and more than 200,000 were left without electricity. And more than 2,200 homes were destroyed. But President Joe Biden helped these people by approving a major disaster declaration, which gave grants and low-interest loans available to people in Puerto Rico who are in temporary needing of home repair and housing. And there has been the several US. Senators have sent aid and medical teams to the Caribbean. The Hurrican Fiona begins to move down the Atlantic ocean and then to Prince Edward Island in Canada. Now people in the Southern states are feeling the effects of a new storm, Hurricane Ian, which begins to gain more strength passing the Gulf of Mexico to Florida on Sep 28.

My thoughts about this incident is very devastating how people lose their homes and everything. But i like the idea that Biden declared the approval for these people in need by sending them money to repair homes and aid. By understanding these numbers of people that have been affected I can say that Hurricanes do a great amount of damage but it’s like what can we do to stop them, it’s the weather. But I think countries around the oceans should always be prepared before the storm is even announced.

What do you think about this Hurricane Fiona?

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