Environmental conservation is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue in today’s world. It is becoming widely known that our environment is crucial to our survival, and if it continues to degrade, so will our societies. There are many groups that help with conservation efforts, but as a society, most of us do very little to contribute, and in reality most of us make the situation worse every day. As our environment continues to go downhill, more and more people will realize that it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Countries, states, and even the everyday person can make a huge contribution combat environmental deterioration.

Since our society began increasing production of consumer goods and factory use, the environment has been in a steady decline. Humans have destroyed countless environments, and continue to do so. There are many groups that advocate for environmental conservation because if we continue at the rate we are destroying our planet, it will soon start to cause serious problems for us. California has already taken a huge step in the conservation movement. San Francisco has banned restaurants from distributing plastic straws and takeout containers. Other cities in California are also working on getting a ban for plastics. Plastics are having a devastating effect on the ocean and marine life. California limiting the use of plastic is a step closer to slowing down environmental deterioration. Most people don’t realize how much plastic they use on a daily basis until we try to limit ourselves, but it is important that we, as a world, stop using so many plastics.

There are many other environmental conservation groups ranging from non-government organizations to government funded organizations. Organizations stretch from ocean conservation to forest conservation. Forest conservation has become extremely important because we are constantly cutting down trees and destroying countless habitats which pushes many animals to extinction if not the endangered list. The Nature Conservatory for example has contributed to protecting more than 119 million acres of land. They work with the government and private organizations to get protection over natural land. Normal people can volunteer and get involved with the organization along with donating. These efforts help to protect the natural environment, and slow down the overall deterioration of our planet.

Although environmental conservation is a daunting task, individuals can make a large difference. Being judicial with the use of plastics and natural resources, and donating just a small amount of time or money to conservation groups can have a lasting effect on our world. As more people help out the effort, environmental deterioration will begin to slow.

Cites: https://www.nature.org/en-us/what-we-do/our-priorities/protect-water-and-land/




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