When people think about self-driving technology, it’s usually thought of as only a good thing. No one really ever thinks about any potential downsides of it. However, this article in The Atlantic highlights some major issues, such as the possibility of free sponsored transportation. This would be like many free apps on devices today, which are free because they make money on ads. For example, there would be a self-driving car that might take you somewhere for free, but only if you stopped at a sponsored location or two along the way. These locations might be chosen using your own personal data, similar to how websites use your search history to determine the ads they show you.

The technology could also have a major shift on the routes people drive. For example, scenic routes would be priced higher. It might cost more to drive through wealthy neighborhoods than poor ones, and some might even be off-limits. This is completely opposite of today, where it is generally accepted that you have the right to drive on any public roads, no matter where they are.

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February 12, 2018 6:44 pm

I agree with this post that self driving cars are the future of transportation. First off I agree because these cars are super safe and efficient.¨They all agree that one of the biggest benefits of autonomous cars will be improved safety.¨ Another way to back this up is ¨So to train a self-driving car, you would first drive the car hundreds of miles to collect sensor data. You would then process that data in a data center identifying frame by frame what each object is.¨ (businessinsider.com/why-driverless-cars-will-be-safer-than-human-drivers-2016-11)

Secondly, I agree is how self driving cars are more efficient ¨Driver less cars are designed to have almost a superhuman-like ability to recognize the world around them. This is because they use loads of sensors to gather tons of data about their environment so that they can seamlessly operate in a constantly changing environment.¨ This shows that these care are going to make traffic decrease accidents and traffic lights aren´t needed. Thirdly, this is baked up is ¨Some of the sensors used on autonomous cars include cameras, radar, lasers, and ultrasonic sensors. GPS and mapping technology are also used to help the car determine it’s position. All of these have different strengths and weaknesses, but essentially they enable a lot of data to flow into the car.¨

Finally, I agree is it has skill and can avoid anything “There are insightful factors that get factored in. For example, if you are driving along and there’s a parked car with nobody in it, the vehicle will proceed next to that car”. Another piece of why this is true is “But if it sees the door is slightly open and there is somebody in it, well the expectation is that the door will open at any moment and someone will to try and get out of that car. So at that point, when the car senses that, it’s either going to slow down, or switch lanes if it can, and proceed with caution. And because it has a full 360 degrees view around the car, it can be tracking multiple objects, with much greater things happening, with much greater accuracy than any human.” Overall, I believe the self driving car is our future

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