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After reading the article, “How to Fact-Check the Internet” I noticed how we are often surrounded by fake news.  Each time we read an article we must be conscious about it.  Oftentimes many people let their emotions cloud their judgment after reading a shocking article, post, or video.  This could cause harm as people won’t think and will automatically start sharing and further spreading false news.  Many don’t even realize so.  

To prevent this sort of thing from continuing and repeatedly occur you must learn to fact-check what you hear and read.  Firstly when you read something you must be able to know who the author of the post is.  You must check if they are someone who has credibility.  You can also check basic things like spell-checking.  Many bots or fake news are often written with many silly grammatical errors.  Now if someone is verbally telling you some crazy news, be conscious if it’s someone you trust.  Many people can spread fake news to others and many believe it.  Don’t rely on one single source, do your research from credible sources.  

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March 16, 2021 3:40 pm

if it has alot of ads if it has alot of links and stuff

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