The issue of immigration is one that regularly makes headline news, so I read a couple of Fact Sheets from the White house to see their goals and how they have already taken steps to address the issue.

The Biden Harris Administration is taking several steps to help reform the immigration system in the United States, stemming from his belief that our nation is stronger when we have a more effective immigration system. New Americans contribute to our country in ways that benefit our economy and culture. One of Biden’s top priorities is to reunify families, and to accomplish this goal, a task force will work to reunify families and advise the administration.

This will undo Trump’s actions regarding family separation. Next, Biden wants to develop strategies that address irregular migration and create a humane asylum system. This consists of addressing underlying issues that cause migration, working with other governments to provide safe asylum options closer to home, and assure that asylum seekers in the US have legal avenues. Finally, Biden wants to restore faith in the system and promote integration. This consists of a task force that ensures the legal immigration system is running smoothly and fairly. 

Several steps have already been taken to address underlying issues that cause migration as seen in the Root Causes fact sheet, linked below.

This sheet summarizes and initiative to help El Salvador, Guatemala, and Ecuador. It includes addressing economic, corruption, human rights, government, and violence issues within these countries. The United States has allocated 250 million dollars to these countries to help with issues caused by the pandemic, natural disasters, etc, and provided 10 million Covid vaccines.

Vice President Harris has also been actively working with Guatemala to reduce government corruption. She has also launched an Anti-Migrant Smuggling task force in both Guatemala and Mexico with aims to increase border security. To address economic issues, Harris launched the organization Call to Action to invest in and expand the private economic sector. The United States has also with success been calling for assistance from other countries and the United Nations. Harris has stressed she believes that cooperation among all nations is an essential for solving this problem.

Hopefully the successful actions already taken by the US government continue to work, and more plans will be developed in the future.

Read these fact sheets with me on NowComment:

FACT SHEET President Biden Outlines Steps to Reform Our Immigration System by Keeping Families Together, Addressing the Root Causes of Irregular Migration, and Streamlining the Legal Immigration System

FACT SHEET Strategy to Address the Root Causes of Migration in Central America

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March 23, 2023 6:29 am

Your images and well-written explanation of this issue truly caught my eyes thank you for bringing this issue up.

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