The pandemic has affected families across the world, people have lost jobs, houses, and even family members. Life has been a struggle for low-income families during these times. Although, students have had just as a hard time. This pandemic has affected the way students learn, and the transition has taken a toll on every student’s life. It took away experiences, and our motivation to continue our education through these difficult times.

Although our teachers have done their best to make our school years manageable, the minimum amount of work still feels like piles upon piles of homework on our hands. Some students have to help their parents with siblings while they are at work, or they even have to pick up a job to bring in extra money for the family. And the seniors that went through this pandemic do not feel prepared for the jump from high school to college because of this experience. The change will be drastic and some don’t feel as if they are ready to handle such stress because we were not able to gain anything from this school year. In conclusion, the pandemic has made everyone’s lives change but the education system attempts to normalize the pandemic and force us to handle the situation as if it were a normal school year.

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August 26, 2021 8:39 pm

Dear Kayla:
I resonate with your post, “How Students Lives Have Been Affected by the Ongoing Pandemic,” because it highlights the various reasons why students are struggling during the pandemic. There were a lot of factors adding to the stress we have as students on top of already stressful school work. Although many teachers have shown that they do care and understand what it is we are going through (which I appreciate), this doesn’t ease the stress from any of our issues. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Although our teachers have done their best to make our school years manageable, the minimum amount of work still feels like piles upon piles of homework on our hands.” This stood out to me because during distance learning I could feel that teachers were really sympathizing with us, however, other responsibilities and problems made everything all that more difficult. Some people (as you mentioned) had to take care of siblings or even take up a job and the mental toll caused by this really made the school year challenging for many despite teachers’ efforts. Thank you for your writing! I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really enjoyed how you conveyed the things students had weighed on them this year. It really made me feel as though someone else felt the same as I did. – Maritza ^^*

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