How people feel about gender neutral bathrooms by Syeda

May 17, 2019


How people feel about gender neutral bathrooms

Here’s the multimedia presentation I’ve been working on. Everyone in our group did one, but mine is about people’s views on gender neutral bathrooms around the world and how they compare to the United States.

I decided to focus on this particular topic for my presentation because I thought it would be interesting to research how different countries, in general, felt about gender neutral bathrooms. I knew that their opinions would probably vary widely, but I ended up being surprised at how much more inclusive certain countries were being when compared to the US. In the end, I enjoyed learning about the great things some people are doing around the world.

I’m hoping that this presentation will make people think more about how to make gender neutral bathrooms and other related concepts more common everywhere around the world, not just in a couple of different countries. Even though the video mainly focuses on the US, it still has information you might find interesting, even if you don’t live there. Gender neutral bathrooms should be spread out around the world to promote inclusiveness for everyone, regardless of who they are.

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