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The interview took place in Pulse high school. Mr. Paul was also there during the interview. Mr. Paul was helping us with the interviews and pushing us to talk more when we replied to the questions being asked. Apart from myself, my partner was Jonathan who also attend Pulse high school. We interviewed each other so that we can get a sense of what a interview should sound and look, and what questions should be asked.

‘’I’m looking for a job that will pay more money.’’

This quote made me realize that i am a hardworking and motivated person because although i attend school and already have a job i am in search for another one. This is motivating because listening to myself repeat those words, reminds me that i should keep looking and even though i may not find one as quick as i want. I shouldn’t give up.

Another quote that stood out to me from the interview was when jonathan said ‘’ so do you look up to your mom as a role model?’’

‘’I want to be like my mom when i get older and become a mother myself.’’

This quote stood out to me because i never really said those words before. I always knew that i wanted to be like my mother but not like her when i become a mother. This shows that my mother is a great women and is always there for her family, therefore i want to be like her.  A hardworking and supportive women.

‘’…she taught me everything i know up to now… i think she does a great job… she works a lot and always provide for us [my sister and i]’’

I think that this topic is great for an interview. Is straightforward and i think that everybody would have their own story to tell. There are also hundreds of questions to ask on this topic its not limited to the questions that i was asked. I also think that everyone should do this as practice for an interview. If there was another topic that we had to choose for our major class project i would vote on this.

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