We can see how our early years like once we are talking and walking are important to our growth as humans but the very early years like our first months to 3 years old have been found to also have profound affects on our lives perhaps an even stronger connection then some of the more traditional formative years like 4-12 and our teenage years.  a study done on child development discovered that the types of emotional support received until the age of 3 has a strong affect on the way that we connect with education, how we do socially and how we form romantic relationships even though these things will come up 20 to 30 years later.  Children raised in supportive homes tend to do better on tests like the ACT and the SAT and that support has to be found in the first 3 years of life.  Social skills that we build as children can also have a profound affect on how we act when we get into the professional world, in a study done over 20 years proved that children that are used to being around and working with other children early on tend to led into how well you do getting jobs and things of that nature.  These situations and surely other things we go through from the our earliest years can help build us into the unique and interesting people we are today and can affect who we all are in our later lives.



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  1. Rachel 3 years ago

    I think babies are absolutely adorable! I definitely think our early years effect who we are today. For example I think the way we are raised forms our beliefs and thoughts. I think you should check out psychology topics that can explain how our early brain development effect us. I really like how you gave the example of the ACT and SAT because a lot of us students can relate to that. Your topic is very interesting to me because I love to learn about the way our brains work, and I agree that our baby years effect us, even though we cant remember them.

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