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Has anyone ever told you that you look like you play a specific sport? The reason for this is because of our body frames and how we are all built in unique ways. “In early days, female volleyball players were cautioned not to expose too much. A hundred years later, they were encouraged to expose more (281)” in a way to show off their uniqueness’ such as long legs, or muscular arms, that allow them to show off their skills in that sport. Many people see this as a single story, meaning the clothes volleyball players wear are to show off inappropriate body parts instead of showing the other side of the story.“If people want to come check us out because they’re scoping our bodies, I don’t have a problem with that, because I guarantee they’ll go home talking about our athleticism (283). The other side of the story are these women’s identity and how they express themselves, and their empathy, through this sport and other sports,  Because there is this stereotype it is hard to understand others feelings and how they decide to demonstrate this. 

    We can see these stereotypes through everyday routines and activities. Women feel each other’s empathy through their behavior or self confidence. “This weak self-confidence may hold some women back as they count themselves out of pursuing prestigious roles in professions they believe they won’t excel in, despite having the skills to succeed (Katherine B. Coffman).” Women can relate to one another and can show empathy to other women who they know are experiencing the same thing. 

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October 30, 2020 1:48 pm

I love how you discussed this issue about women and the stereotypes that go along with their clothing for practices and their uniforms during games. I feel that girls who play a variety of different sports all have this problem in common. From the short shorts used for volleyball to the short skirts used for cheerleading, this is not just a problem for one person, this impacts everyone across the board. I like how you tied in empathy into this post because these women recognize this problem and they support each other through it. It is easier to have empathy for people who are going through the same thing as you at the same time you are going through it. I also like your quote about spectators coming to see these women’s bodies but instead admiring their athletic ability because they should be going to the games for their athletic ability in the first place. These women are learning how to change the conversation and show off why they play the sport in the first place. The only improvement I have for you is that I would have loved to read about empathy for this situation from another source, but I enjoyed reading this post!

October 27, 2020 7:59 pm

I really enjoyed reading this blog post because I could highly relate to it as another girl who plays an intense sport. I have seen stereotypes affect confidence, especially mine, because it is a constant pressure put on us by society. I also really liked the part where you talked about how women can empower one another through. I think we should try to implement this method more in our everyday lives because it will make female confidence stronger and provide more support.

October 26, 2020 7:53 pm

I really liked this blog post because I felt that it was a topic I could relate to as a female runner. The stereotypes that are placed on us are constantly affecting my teammates and I and in this blogpost you do a very good job of explaining this topic.

October 26, 2020 7:49 pm

I like how you brought light to this subject because not many people talk about the body stereotypes associated with sports & its affect on people.

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