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The topic that I chose for this post is How many hydro flasks have been sold in the world?. I think that there are lots of hydro flasks are being made and, sold in the store or online. I also think that lots of people have been buying the hydro flasks in the store or some people might be buying them online. I think this because of how many the store might be selling, how much the stores might be selling them for and why lots of people have been buying them and, I do have a hydro flask with my name on it that I got as a gift from someone. 

This hydro flask article is talking about how many hydro flasks have been sold in the world and what year the hydro flask brand has started this article also talks about making the hydro flask stand out from the other water bottle brands. This article also talks about how the number of people buying the hydro flask is growing. 

A quote from article one says that” they provided the first in all insulated bottle into the market of the water bottle and the brand took off from there.  Hydro flask brand sells more than 100 products in 17 countries and the prices are ranging from $ 25 dollars for the 12 0z and the thermos for $ 60 for a 64oz. 

Hydro Flask brand in this article also talks about how the hydro flask water bottle is isolated so it can keep your drink cold for a while. This article also talks about how many employees that hydro flask will work for that brand of the water bottle. This article also talks about how there is a lot of interest in acquiring the hydro flask and how the brand wants to maintain the company’s values.  A quote from article 2 says that “ hydro flask os building a new headquarters in the northwest. If you have left your water bottle in a hot car then you would understand how the brand hydro flask has gotten started. Ever since 2009, the marketing group has been looking for ideas that have been ice cold. There have been lots on the market and one stands out to the people who are wanting to buy a water bottle. 

In conclusion, I think that Hydro flasks are really popular with teens and adults. Adults and teens are wanting to buy hydro flasks to keep their drink cold for 24 hours so that their drink will not be hot when they leave their water bottles in the car. I also think that are good to help to stop using a plastic water bottles. I also think that hydro flasks are good because they can fit your backpack or you can attach them to your backpack if you choose to. The second last reason why I think that they are good to have is that you can take them anywhere with you. The last reason why they are good to have is that they can keep your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and you can pick one in any color that you like such as blue, green, etc. You can also buy any size of the hydro flask that you may like ranging from 12oz to 64oz.

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November 29, 2021 5:39 pm

Dear Caroline, 

I am impressed with your post, “How Many Hydro Flasks have been sold in the world?” because I never understood the point of a hydro flask and you informed me that they are very useful in many ways. I think that hydro flasks can really change the world. 

One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, “I think that Hydro flasks are really popular with teens and adults.” I one hundred percent agree with you because at my school there are a lot of students and teachers that have hydro flasks and always bring them every day so that they can reduce plastic and be hydrated. I also have one and it is very convenient to have because if I’m feeling thirsty then I just have my Hydro Flask with cold water to drink out of. 

Thank you for your writing. I look forward to reading what you write next because you make clear and agreeable points. I would like to hear what you think more about Hydro Flasks and how it has impacted you. 


January 10, 2022 5:07 pm

you didn’t even answer the question. after reading this, i feel like ive wasted my time as i still don’t know how many hydroflasks are sold per year.

December 10, 2021 7:59 pm

I really enjoyed your writing, I myself have a hydro flask and I never really thought much about the contribution they have to the world. When I first bought mine I wanted a water bottle to be insulated and to keep hot things hot and cold things cold, but I didn’t really think about the plastic waste contribution like you mentioned in your post. I also didn’t care to consider why there are so many hydro flasks in the world especially sold and purchased, but now that I think about it so many different places like even coffee shops are buying hydro flasks and designing them by putting their brand logo on that and then selling them to customers and then they’re selling through the actual website and then further at REI and outdoor stores. I think that these have become very popular and your piece was well written and it has really made me think about how widely popular they are. I also think that because they are quite expensive that people are less prone to losing them and causing more waste in our society and landfills and oceans, unlike the cheap plastic water bottle. Thank you for your piece it really made me think and dig deeper, great writing!!

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