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How is Corona affecting schools in Utah? This question I have been wondering but never really looked into it. I know the plan Judge came out with was way different than the school next to my house. I wondered what other ideas people have had and implemented.

In an article called “Here’s how some of Utah’s biggest school districts plan to reopen” from the Salt Lake City Tribune. It is all about different school districts’ plans this year. The first District it discusses is the Canyons School District. They plan to do mostly all in-person classes however kids/parents can choose to do some or all online if they choose to. The Granite school district is having parents choose between all online classes or all in-person classes. It will also be providing a chrome book if needed or if they don’t have internet access they can provide the children with a hotspot. In the Alpine school district, students can go Monday through Friday but they get out an hour early so teachers can plan. For online students, they can do material from the school or straight from the district. It continues talking about the Jordan, Murray, Salt Lake City, Alpine, and Davis School Districts.

Each plan throughout Utah is a little different. Schools are trying their best to make things safe for all children despite their conditions. Many districts have a hybrid option available if they are offering in-person classes. Salt Lake City School District is the only one in the state to be going all online, according to the article from the Salt Lake City Tribune. They are trying to provide everything they can to the students, some even including hotspots. The safety of the Children and the staff is the number one priority. The next question would be which system has so far been the most effective as far as still learning as much as usual and keeping the people safe. 

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October 10, 2020 6:05 am

Dear Elizabeth,

Despite knowing that there were some of the variations in school responses throughout the state, I was surprised by the fact that plans changed not only in the district but depending on the student as well. I think having a varaition that would work for a number of kids is important. It was surprising to learn that only one district has gone fully online. I wonder though if the quality of education received by students online while their school is all in person decreases. Because I know it’s a lot harder to follow in class when you’re on zoom and there are people physically in the class room.

Do you think some school will start switching up the plans when flu and cold season starts?

I enjoyed how straight forward and specific your writing was and how it effectly and efficiently coomunicated the information about school’s plans.

October 9, 2020 8:28 pm

After reading this, I am left with one primary idea. Why is the government not involved? Why is there not a standard plan for every school in America? The current method that Judge Memorial uses is effective, but schools down the street are using plans that may or may not be effective. Cases are rising in schools, such as Corner Canyon, that have a large student body. The government should step in and find a plan that is effective for all schools. Schools all over America should be going full time online to prevent the spread. When will the government take the initiative to prevent spread?

September 29, 2020 9:30 pm

Dear Elizabeth,

I am shocked by your post, “How is Corona affecting schools in Utah?” because school districts have their own plans on whether they should continue with online learning or not. I thought that the government had to choose on what is best for students but I learned that’s not the case.

One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is: “Salt Lake City School District is the only one in the state to be going all online, according to the article from the Salt Lake City Tribune.” I think this is devastating to me because I was looking forward to attending East High for my senior year and get to live that high school experience everyone wishes for. Unfortunately, they decided to continue online classes throughout the school year.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I like how you did your research and stated factual information.

Melissa Aguilar

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