How Healthcare is Becoming More Ethical by Jayme

February 14, 2020


How Healthcare is Becoming More Ethical

The world of medicine has been under fire as of late. From lawsuits to the opioid epidemic, it has become clear that, in many regards, the patients of “patient care” are being overshadowed. Although this is not reflective of all doctors and practitioners, the overall incentives of medicine have shifted to seek out profit. There are however programs that understand this problem and plan to teach future and current doctors the ethical intricacies of their career.

Source 1: Dilemmas in Surgery: Medical Ethics Education in Surgery Rotation 

This article is more informational in nature. It contains reports on the progress from integrating a medical ethics program in Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. The main purpose of the project is to train medical students to be competent in medical ethics. It does this through integrated training regarding some of the most common moral dilemmas encountered during surgical practice. 

Source 2: Medical Decision Making and Ethics Research Projects 

This article by the Baylor College of Medicine presents two different principles adapted into solutions to integrating medical ethics. The first utilizes the shared decisions making principle in psychology. The patient and the doctor would go over risks and benefits to certain treatments in order to reach a compromise. The other solution has physicians learning about behavioral economics to understand how decisions are made and potential biases that may be held. The third solution would utilize statistics as a factor in decision making.