In an article titled “In Scramble for Coronavirus Supplies, Rich Countries Push Poor Aside” written by the New York Times, we get an approach to how developing countries are severely struggling to treat COVID. Primarily, most of the masks produced at the beginning of the pandemic were delivered to America or European countries. Both America and other developed countries had the ability to outbid developing countries when trying to acquire masks. This left many developing countries “stuck doing nothing” as they lacked the resources needed to treat, prevent, and test for COVID. Most manufactures have told these developing countries that they cannot order the necessary COVID treatment supplies due to constant demand from the U.S and other developed countries. In addition to lacking the necessary supplies, many developing countries already lack properly funded and equipped healthcare systems. The virus is spreading so fast before these countries even have time to treat it. 

In April, many developing countries reported much fewer positive COVID cases than developed countries, however, experts fear this may be due to the limited testing. Experts believe the first attempt at combatting COVID is testing. Since developing countries lack this necessary testing, those who eventually test positive will face severe symptoms that could have been avoided had there been adequate testing. Many developing countries already have underfunded healthcare facilities with limited resources that don’t align with proper sanitation which worsens the situation greatly. Some manufacturing companies have offered aid to these developing countries, however, the global demand for equipment doesn’t allow these countries to acquire help. 

However, for some countries such as South Africa, healthcare facilities remain numerous. South Africa contains over 200 public labs to deal with health crises following previous outbreaks of HIV and tuberculosis. Yet, South Africa and many other countries alike cannot receive specific COVID treatment supplies. The lack of supplies has instilled great fear upon many citizens of these countries. 

Many argue it should be the moral responsibility of wealthier countries to assist the developing ones even as they face their own struggles. 

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October 16, 2020 5:09 pm

Hey Sarah, your essay has some impressive facts that I was not aware of earlier. It makes sense that developing countries are underfunded when it comes to medical facilities. Due to this, funding is not available for testing and cases go unreported. In my opinion, if developing countries had more funding, that would probably have more cases. Thank you for your writing!

October 2, 2020 5:50 pm

Dear Sarah
I am surprised about your writing “How has COVID affected developing countries?” because I didn’t know that developed countries got all resources to protect themselves from the virus while developing countries didn’t. Developing countries should be getting the most help since their healthcare lacks resources. One sentence that stood out for me is ” Most manufactures have told these developing countries that they cannot order the necessary COVID treatment supplies due to constant demand from the U.S and other developed countries.” because even though there is a pandemic every country should be having the supplies to prevent/ treat COVID. In my opinion I think that developed countries should help developing countries or share their resources when they are the most at risk of having COVID. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to what you write, because I enjoyed the epic you wrote.

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